Water Phantoms

Probably the most important tool for medical physicists and service engineers of treatment machines (LINAC). Mandatory and essential at the same time. And when you need the system you better work focused.
It is more and more important to be quick so the setup needs to be done as fast as possible.
The device better be convenient to move and work with.
Have quick double checks without setup hassle.


Comes in a intelligent designed & robust “all-in-one” case. Perfect case size for easy traveling in cars or by plane – saves you extra shipment costs or reducing storage space by more than half < 10 min to start measurements Fast leveling & positioning by being able to use patient table instead of extra lift. Tank volume of just 15 Liter (4 Gallons) saves valuable water and is filled up within 30 seconds No measurement arrays, no big water reservoir, no lifting table; can include the 3D measurement hardware, electrometer and software.

Next Generation

3D Mobility

As Next Generation water phantom WPS POSEIDON 54/54 breaks up with the traditional big tanks, which require heavy lifting carts, water reservoirs and slow measuring. MWP POSEIDON 54|54 is a compact 1D-Water Phantom, mounted on top of a horizontal 2D mechanics – a full working 3D Water Phantom. All moving parts are completely covered. The device is operated on the treatment couch, hand-fi lled with water (4 gallons) and equipped with common waterproofed dosimetry detectors.

For Easy Traveling

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

The POSEIDON mobile water phantom system is the solution for experts and consultants.

Largest Fields

Merge via patient table

The regular size of POSEIDON 54|54 has a horizontal scanning range of 54cm x 54cm and 41cm in depth. For the rare measurements of larger scanning ranges a prepared „stretched function“ using the manual patient table movement merges two scans, the easiest way to merge to scans available on the market.

All-In-One Design

One casing box for all equipment

POSEIDON comes in a transport casing reducing the needed space for storage more than half compared with other systems and is made for traveling in regular sized cars and air planes. All measurements are triggered, the most precise way to measure. Using triggered measurements and most precise mechanics hysteresis of bi-directional axe movements are reduced to a minimum.

Big-Volume Water Tanks

P2P offers smallest and biggest water tank systems, starting at 16 liters up to 220 liters and more.

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