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Medical Physics

We designed the first mobile water phantom and hold the patent application. In 2012 we presented the first online medical physics data management system at the AAPM. And there is more ...

Data Management

We designed state of the art applications to handle regular data and BIG DATA. While we designed one application for treatment machines in radiation oncology we now participate in an international team of leading programmers designing innovative data management systems.

Easy Tools

"A tool is as good as it is easy to use." Keep the front end as easy as possible and put the complexity into the back end, if you can.

Data Gaining

Information is the key, more and more this is realized. Just processing was yesterday, the future is gaining knowledge out of your data what drives you into the next level.

Solutions for you

We are proud to offer a variety of solutions based on years of experience in hardware and software design.

Water Phantoms

Specially for the field of medical physics in radiation therapy we designed devices and tools to improve work and quality. Water phantoms are needed since the first days of quality assurance, the backbone of solid and reliable measurements. See what we have ...

Study Management System

Scientists are aware of the situation: There is basically no scientific automated system what allows to perform studies the way science requires it. That just changed. A team of smartest brains managed to design a true scientific questionnaire system to perform studies of all kinds. And we are allowed to offer you this solution ...



Many applications equals many formats, unfortunately. There are lots of application to solve issues but there isn't one tool to easily convert one data format into another. Most of worldwide import and export of data files are based on individual data formats, they usually don't match. What if there is a powerful tool ...


The first online medical physics management application for treatment machines in radiation oncology. This tool is easy to use and independent of manufacturers. Measured data can be saved and trend views are available to anticipate upcoming events. The solution to keep you flexible ...


This converter accept all kind of input format measured by water phantoms (ASCII) and re-formats the data for specific formats of treatment planning systems (TPS) in radiation oncology. Complex input formats can be covered and the output format can be adapted to varying output formats. A converter with maximum flexibility for science in medical physics ...

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